Thursday, December 11, 2008


Asanas are the name for yoga meditational postures. Asanas refine and reform the body, especially muscles of the body. This includes the muscles of the internal organs. Muscles are refined through dilatation and contraction. Through tension of muscles, function of all organs and systems in the body become improved. Asanas strenghten muscles, elbows become elastic, and all internal organs and systems naturally function.

Practice of asanas is a path to health and well being. When you practice asanas where it is needed to move your body, function of your body cells will be raised, and as a result of that, toksins will be throwed away from the walls of the cells. When you practice static asanas, energetic flow in the body will be raised, as well as flow of the blood, and toksins will be eliminated from the body.

If you want to progress in your practice of asanas, you need to practice according to your capacity, and not to force. Patient, persistent and regular practice is a key for success in practicing of asanas.


  1. When, or if, you decide to become a Yoga teacher, you should start with a basic Yoga teacher training course that gives you an overview of all of the

    fields within Yoga. If you decide to specialize, it is best to do it when the need becomes apparent.

  2. The yogi strives to eat a wholesome Satvic diet that nourishes the body. This is always best accomplished by eating a whole food diet. Basically, if it doesn't come out of the ground or off a tree, try to avoid teacher training course Packaged foods, even the best quality ones, are always going to be less nutritious, have less Prana (vital energy) then a natural food.


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