Saturday, December 20, 2008


There is a much talk about meditation. If you ask somebody does he or she meditate, they can tell you that they do, but meditation isn't really something that you can "do". Meditation is something that happens spontaneously when you're not doing anything, that is a state of absolute non-doing. From this reason, we can say that there is a practice of some particular techniques that hopefully will create the situation where meditation can happen. There is no technique that is meditation. Meditation techniques leads to the situation where meditation can happen spontaneously.

When you practice teachniques of meditation, many crisis will come in your practice, but regular, patient, persistent and persisting practice will lead to success.

Yogis say that the best time to practice meditation is in the early morning, between 4. and 6. AM. In that time, the mind is calm and refreshed. Also, atmosphere is calm, so there are all conditions for undisturbed practice of meditation.


  1. Beautifully explained.. next blog continue the thoughts u have started.

  2. Yoga is an art of discipline that was developed by an Indian Hindu named Patanjali. Retreat yoga about benefits of yoga exercises, yoga meditation, yoga practice.

  3. Meditation is a valuable tool for facing the stresses and strains of modern life. A big part of what makes us stressed is external factors that we have no control over. Meditation is a way of relaxation and enlightenment. If we dissolve our attachment to the outside world and bring our minds to rest, well-being, positively and enlightenment (inner happiness) arise. All negativity vanishes. We think positive again and suddenly live in the light. We see God (the positive) in the world, in our fellow men and ourselves. We are in harmony with ourselves and our lives.
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