Friday, December 5, 2008

My First Post

This is my first post on this blog. I am Dejan, from Serbia, and I was become interested in yoga and spiritual teachings when I was teenager. I was first become interested in yoga and spiritual teachings when I was read something about that in one magazine on my native language. After some time, I was meet and master of yoga and my future guru, and I was still teenager. I was have luck to meet yoga master who was living in the same town as me. With him, I was studying yoga, and many other spiritual teachings. Some time later, he was founded "Academy Of Esoteric Sciences", where I was studying on the desks "Enlightenment", and "Holy Scriptures".

My spiritual journey with him was last from 1993. to 1996. year. After 1996. year, the Academy was stoped to work, since he was migrated with his family to Canada.

I have named this blog "Yoga Lectures", because I will try to post some quality lectures about yoga, and I hope that this blog will be of benefit to many yoga followers.

Also, anyone who have any questions can contact me through the next e-mail address:

In any way, thank you for visiting this blog, and I hope you will enjoy!

All the best.

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