Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Pranayama is breath exercise in Yoga. Through Pranayama, breath is restrained and on that way Prana in the body is controlled. Prana is cosmic energy that exist everywhere, it is Life Energy.

Puraka in Yoga means inhalation, Kumbhaka means retention of breath, and Rechaka means exhalation. Yogis have computed that the total number of breaths in a day is 21600., so, a man generally takes fifteen breaths in a minute.

Pranayama techniques purify the body, feelings and mind, fill the body with Life Energy, and clean the body from toksins. Also, practice of Pranayama balance positive and negative mental flows, purify and open nadis (suptil nervous channels) and chakras (suptil energy centers in the body), leads to deidentification from mind and body, awaken kundalini energy or evolutive energy, accomplish control over body and energy, leads to the state of cosmic consciousness, etc...

Person who practice Pranayama will be cheerful, will have light and handsome body, good strength, high standard of health, vigour, vitality, and good concentration of mind.

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