Saturday, December 6, 2008

What Is Yoga

Yoga is complete life, it is a method that improve all aspects of human personality, and a system of integral education, but not only education of body and mind, or intellect, but and of inner spirit.

Yoga is path from evil to good, then from good to holiness, and then to eternal divine glory. It is a art of properly living. When you learn how to properly live, you will be happy, harmonious, filled with peace and released from tension.

Yoga is science perfected from the side of ancient sages of India, not merely in India, but of humanity as a whole. It is exact science, perfect, and practical system of self-culture.

Yoga do not avoid life. He demands transformation and spiritualisation of life. Yoga is, in first place, the way of life, and not something that is apart from life. It is not passivity and renunciation from action, but it is efficient execution in proper spirit. You don't have to flee from the house and places where are peoples, yoga is a process of forming an attitude towards home and society through new understanding.

Since yoga is for all, it is universal. Yoga is not sectarian affair, it is a path to God. Yoga is not a creed, also. Practice of Yoga is not in opposition with any religion, or holy Church. Yoga is pure spiritual, and universal, and it is not against any sincere belief of anybody.

Since Yoga is not religion, it is a help in practicing basic spiritual Truths in all religions. You can practice Yoga if you belong to any faith, or religion, or if you are atheist. To be a yogi means to abide continuously in God, and to be in peace with humanity. Yoga is union with God, and union with everything, since God dwell in everything.

Many peoples think that Yoga is constituted from some physical exercises, or that it is constituted from some postures and exercises of breathing, but that is mistake. That idea is totally wrong. This is only helpful tools in practicing Yoga. Most people do not have access to Yoga beyond its physical level, because yoga demands personal discipline connected with intense thinking, under the guidance of competent yoga teacher. The promise of Yoga is superphysical and spiritual blessing. Yoga is not attractive to common man who clamours for immediate fruits and wordly prosperity.

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