Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Sri Yogi Ramsuratkumar And Kundalini Yoga Sadhana For Smokers

There was a yogi called Sri Yogi Ramsuratkumar, who was incessantly smoke. He was used yogic smoking technique. With this technique you can become first class chain-smoking yogi. But, you need to overmaster kumbhaka (retention of the breath).

This Yogi was wear all kinds of clothes, all kinds of sizes and colors. This clothing was rolled, winded and hunged around his body. Just imagine the yogi with flashy turban, who hold lobe in one hand, and in other stack of papers and blankets, and suddenly, without any visible reason, smash in non-reasonable laughter. The house where he was live was very dirty, all things was scattered all around. Countless empty boxes of cigarettes was mussed everywhere, and floor was full of ashes and stumps. What a Yogic scene!

What is most interesting is that from his mouth there was not come any piece of smoke, although he was a chain smoker. He was keep every inhaled smoke of cigarette long inaff for his lungs to absorb every piece of smoke and nikotine he is inhaled. When he was exhale, only the clean air was exit out. His lungs was like some kind of perfect destiller of air.

Ok. Here is the technique. Inhale the smoke, and inhale more air. Then retain the breath strongly. Do not exhale right away. Keep the breath inside. Through practice you will see how long is needed to retain the breath in order to only clean air exit out, without any ray of smoke. Exercise this, and you will succeed.

When you practice this technique, you will collect many toksins in your body, but this is yoga sadhana for smokers, so, when you smoke, then smoke at least as a yogi. Also, try to smoke quality and expensive cigarettes, not some cigarettes that are cheap and of bad quality.

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