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ahimsa - non-injury
amrita - nectar of immortality
anubhava - direct experience
apana - downward-flowing life energy
aparigraha - non-possessiveness
arati - divine enjoyment, a devotional ceremony
asana - seat; purifying posture
ashrama - the house of the guru; stage of life
asteya - non-theft
Atman - soul, core of being
avatara - incarnation of God

bandha - lock
Bhagavan - God (the Bestower)
bhakta - devotee, one who engages in devotion as a path to achieve union with God
bhakti - devotion
Brahma - the God of Creation
Brahman - the Absolute
brahmin - god-person; priest
brahmacharya - celibacy; mastery of the creative force
brahmachari - one who practices celibacy; one who has mastered the creative force
buddhi - the consciousness factor

chakra - wheel; energy center
chitta - mind stuff

dharana - concentration
dharma - way of living based of Truth; the way things actually are dharshana - holy vision
deva - a god; sense faculty
dhyana - meditation
diksha - initiation

granthi - knot
guna - quality (Nature has three gunas.)
guru - he who brings light where there was darkness; spiritual teacher

hatha yoga - the yoga which purifies the body and sense faculties

ida nadi - the main left-hand, downward-flowing energy channel in the body
Ishvara - God, the Master Surrounder
ishvara-pranidhana - surrender to God

japa - repeating of holy sounds
jaya Bhagavan - victory to God
jnana - knowledge
jnani - one who engages in knowledge as a path to a
chieve union with God

karma - action
karmi - one who engages in action as a path to achieve union with God Kayavarohana - descent of God to earth in a body; name of the sacred pilgrimage place where Lord Lakulisha taught kirtana - singing to God
Kripalvananda - the Bliss of Grace, our grandfather guru
kundalini - the evolutionary power

Lakulisha - the twenty-eighth incarnation of Shiva, our great-grandfather guru
linga - a representation of the unmanifest Absolute
loka - world; place

ma - mother
maha - great
maharshi - great seer
mantra - sacred syllable or formula
marga - path or way
moksha - liberation
mudra - energy seal in the body
muni - sage; ponderer; silent ascetic

nada - sound
nadi - energy channel
nirbija - without the seed of desire
nivritti marga - the path of complete surrender to God, in which the goal is liberation
niyama - observance

OM - the sound of the Absolute
OM Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya - OM, a prostration to God, the Bestower, the Dweller in All
OM Namah Shivaya - OM, A prostration to God, the Benevolent Destroyer

Pashupata - Master of the Animal; name of our tradition
pingala nadi - the main right-hand, upward-flowing energy channel in the body
prakriti - Nature
prana - vital force, breath, life energy
pranayama - breath restraint or control
prasada - gift of grace; blessed food
pravritti marga - the path of willful control of mind, in which the goal is worldly success
puja - worship, usually a specific ceremony of worship
purana - epic scriptural story
purna - complete, perfect
Purusha - the individual

rajas - the passionate quality of Nature
raja yoga - royal yoga, which purifies the mind
rishi - seer
Rudra - name of Shiva as the Weeper, the Howler

sabija - with the seed of desire
sadhaka - spiritual aspirant (male)
sadhika - spiritual aspirant (female)
sadhana - spiritual practice
sahaja yoga - natural, spontaneous, surrender yoga
samadhi - union with God
samtosha - contentment
Sanatana Dharma - Eternal Truth which is always true regardless of country, century, culture, custom, or tradition; the eternal way of living based on Divine Order, or the way things actually are
sannyasa - renunciation
sannyasi - renunciate
satsanga - sharing the Truth
sattvas - the tranquil quality of Nature
satya - telling the truth
seva - service
shaucha - purity
shakti - energy, power; the female aspect of God
shaktipata - energy gift
shaktipata diksha - initiation into surrender yoga
shat karmas - the six actions; internal bodily cleansing techniques
Shiva - the God of Transformation, the Benevolent Destroyer
shloka - stanza, verse
shri - glorious, brilliant, splendid
siddhi - power, ability
sushumna - the central energy channel in the body
svadhyaya - self-study
svami - master

tamas - the dark, inert quality of Nature
tapas - austerity, heat
tirtha - ford, holy place

vayu - air
Vishnu - the God of Sustenance, the Maintainer of Life

yama - restraint
yoga - union
Yogeshwara - the Master of Yoga, our guru
yogi - one who practices yoga

We also use these common Gujarati words, since our grandfather guru is from Gujarat, India:

Bapuji - beloved father, our guru, Yogeshwar Muni
Dadaji - beloved grandfather, our grandfather guru, Svami Kripalvananda
Maha Dadaji - beloved great-grandfather, our great-grandfather guru, Lord Lakulisha

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